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 The Balcony House

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Balcony House History

 In the beginning
The main structure of the current Balcony House was built in the 1890's as part of Imperial's original town school.  In ther early 1920's, the structure was moved to it's current location by E. E. Widger.  Mr. Widger added the north section and added the enclosed balcony on 3 sides of the house.


1920's & 1930's
Along with several other buildings on the same block Mr. Widger created a tourist resort called "The Balcony House Hotel and Tourist Camp." Tourist camps sprang up in the 1920's and 1930's as automobile travel grew in popularity. Imperial was located on the DLD (Detroit/Lincoln/Denver) Highway which was a major east/west thoroughfare of that time.


In later years the Balcony House served as a boarding house, a dormitory for high school students whose families lived out in the country, and small apartments. In the late 1980's the house was abandoned when the owner moved out of state.


The Balcony House was purchased by Jim and Linda Pirog. The Pirog's and their family were boating at the beautiful Enders Lake, in the Imperial area. The Pirog's purchased the Balcony House for a change of life style looking towards retirement.


April, 1999
Renovation of the house began in September of 1997. Over the next 20 months, the Pirog's spent many weekends with friends, family & local contractors working on the Balcony House. Rather than waiting for retirement, the Pirog's moved their family to Imperial.


On May 2, 1999
The Balcony House Bed & Breakfast opened for business. The Balcony House was restored with travelers needs in mind with each room being unique decorated for your enjoyment.





Come and experience the small town atmosphere, delicious country breakfasts, and pleasant comfortable rooms of this "oasis on the prairie."